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SEO Training Courses in Egypt

Digital Training Egypt is full service Online Marketing & SEO Training Courses provider in Egypt and the Middle East. Our Digital Trainers have over 30 years of combined Digital Experience and can help become a Digital Marketing Expert. Many SEO Course providers will promise you to become an SEO Expert. They would show you videos or use a whiteboard as a training method. Our training is quite unique is it’s own way. We provide hands-on training in which you will be working on active live websites that you will optimize for search engines.

seo training courses in egypt

Digital Marketing Training Courses done by experts

Having a prior background in digital marketing is not needed. These courses will concentrate on the main commercial aspects needed to create a successful marketing campaign.

Digital Training

We work with clients from all types of backgrounds; marketing students who want to enhance their digital footprint knowledge, sales executives who want to increase lead generation, and business owners who want to stay on top of technology to create more profit for their company. Implementing a successful digital marketing strategy on targeted channels will only benefit your business.

Trainers with 30+ years of Marketing Industry Expertise

Developed by trainers who have years of experience in the industry, our digital marketing courses use real world projects and virtual simulations to teach you in the most effective way to become a digital marketing expert. Our trainers are constantly evolving their strategies and practices to stay well informed with the evolution of digital marketing trends.

Digital Courses for Marketing Departments & Individuals

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Social Media​​

Social Media Marketing Training courses


SEO Training including Advanced SEO

Paid Advertising

Learn how to run ads on Google and Facebook.

Digital Marketing

Learn Basic and Advanced Digital Marketing

WordPress Training

Learn how build websites using WordPress

Content Marketing​

Learn how to write and market your content

Digital Training Courses Offered

digital marketing training courses

Digital Marketing Training

In digital marketing, different methods are utilized to analyze, monitor and grow organic traffic which will in return, generate higher sales and profits. When implementing these tactics in an effective way, a company can promote their product or service to reach their core customers. Leveraging tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content marketing, and backlinks are essential to create and run a successful digital marketing strategy. Each business is unique and will require different marketing tools; an e-commerce company will have very different needs than an accounting firm so it’s important to understand which channels will benefit various business requirements and goals.

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We believe that learning never stops. With our quality Digital Marketing Corporate Training, you can take your marketing team to the next level. We have training over 200 marketing departments across 5 countries.

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